Vinyl Roots, Virtual Branches

Simi Valley, California

In the hot, homemade studio outside of Los Angeles, sits Ronix and Xist. DJs with a deep rooted history, in not just hip hop, but in music. Actually, music is pretty much what describes them. If the walls and crates of records lining the house didn't convince you, then it surely is the soulful and carefully hand selected blends they put together that prove that music IS their life. And in life, you must adapt and grow. With the wave of new digital media and technology overtaking the DJ world, they have come to embrace it and utilize it…not just depend on it. Sure, they will use Serato to rock a party but they know that all those countless hours, practicing with vinyl and matching beats without a computer while growing up, make all the difference. Check back soon for our feature short on Ronix and Xist in September.

Ronix is wearing the Nekor Twelve and Xist is wearing the Nekor CityPlanning tee. Both available here at

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DJ Xist (left) and DJ Ronix (right)
Digging in the crates.
Xist crossing over.
Ronix on the needle drop.
Xist builds the set list.
Ronix in the studio.
Xist in the CityPlanning tee.
Ronix in the Twelve tee.

Written on Tuesday, 27 July 2010 23:19 by gabriel

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