Restoring the Relics

North Hollywood, CA


To quote Henry Adams, "History is the most aristocratic of all literary pursuits, because it obliges the historian to be rich as well as educated". If this is true, then meet the wealthy professor, Tommy Gelinas.

A collector, historian and long time dweller of the San Fernando Valley, Tommy has spent the majority of his life finding, buying, researching and sharing all things related to this suburb of Los Angeles. He has taken this collection to the public with Valley Relics, a museum and vault of his private collection of antiques and collectibles from the 1800's to present.

Why would any one man take on this feat? Well spending a few moment with Tommy, you get to understand that without knowing where you're from, you're doomed to be lost forever. Without tales from our past, we would never have any history to share with our future. Tommy, has allowed those who may have forgotten their childhood to revive memories of growing up or just times from the past, that we'll never be able to get back, or be taken away from us.

It is a true labor of love and we are thankful that he is able to share this with us. Look out for our feature on Tommy and Valley Relics as part of the Nekor 9/9 films to be released in September.


Check out the site and the Valley Relics Facebook page here. Tommy has also released a collection of new t-shirts of iconic SF Valley spots here at

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