Brian Steele: CreatureBoy

Los Angeles,CA
To know this man is to know pain and sacrifice. A man who has spent half his life dedicated to his craft, he is Brian Steele. Aptly nicknamed, CreatureBoy©, his work can be seen in recent movies like Hellboy I as Sammael, Hellboy II as Wink, The Underworld Trilogy as William and Lycan, Terminator Salvation as the T-600, and most recently in PREDATORS as the Berserker and Falconer Predators. A Creature Performer, Brian has trained enough to last 2 lifetimes and sacrificed more than the ancient Greeks. Well aquinted with Controlled Chaos, he finds that in the madness and insanity of these motion pictures, lies a conscience of control, and without it none of this would be possible. Check out for our feature with Brian CreatureBoy© Steele HERE. Find out more on Brian here at
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The man IS the monster.
You can't replicate this on a computer.
Letting Loose.
Pulled and prodded in and out of 100lb suits, Brian is used to the pain.
At the end of the day, he's just a funny motherf@#ker.
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