Merging at Night

The night brings out something special. The crickets, criminals, drunk drivers, artists and vandals. In a perfect world, they would come out as much during the day. Well I guess one could hope...

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Name Drop

Standing among the greats once again is Helm Sicat. The visionary behind Flos Angeles and new curator of his Tumblr page, he shows us that he belongs. Maybe not musically, but a name that is not to be forgotten.

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Vinyl Roots, Virtual Branches

Simi Valley, California

In the hot, homemade studio outside of Los Angeles, sits Ronix and Xist. DJs with a deep rooted history, in not just hip hop, but in music. Actually, music is pretty much what describes them. If the walls and crates of records lining the house didn't convince you, then it surely is the soulful and carefully hand selected blends they put together that prove that music IS their life. And in life, you must adapt and grow. With the wave of new digital media and technology overtaking the DJ world, they have come to embrace it and utilize it…not just depend on it. Sure, they will use Serato to rock a party but they know that all those countless hours, practicing with vinyl and matching beats without a computer while growing up, make all the difference. Check back soon for our feature short on Ronix and Xist in September.

Ronix is wearing the Nekor Twelve and Xist is wearing the Nekor CityPlanning tee. Both available here at

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DJ Xist (left) and DJ Ronix (right)
Digging in the crates.
Xist crossing over.
Ronix on the needle drop.
Xist builds the set list.
Ronix in the studio.
Xist in the CityPlanning tee.
Ronix in the Twelve tee.

Coping Method

I can't stop. It consumes me. Overtakes my nervous system, and makes me numb to everything around me. Euphoric and comforting, it makes me least until there is no more. A gift and a curse, the best and the worse, it is out of my hands. I'm just along for the ride.

Out of Body Experience

Please check back soon for the release of a new collection for Women from Nekor.


The Wise Measure Their Words

Wars have been started with these...


Analog Encryption

It's funny how things come around full circle. With the internet's stranglehold on our lives, nothing is left alone. Thing's that were a part of history are now the next big thing to post on a Facebook profile. The digital method will soon be reinvented by handwritten, analog scripted messages. Or maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself.


Daily Propaganda 07.17.10


Iconic Moment

Never thought we would have created an icon, but we did. Nothing is too sacred.

© Nekor 2010


Sticky Rick's - Peel Here 5

Saturday, July 17, 2010 at 6:00pm @
Self Help Grahics & Art, 3802 E Cesar Chavez Los Angeles, CA 90063
Keep your eyes PEELed for Nekor stickers.

At the Helm

Los Angeles, CA

Steering the way through artisanal combat is Helm Sicat. Design savant and creative mastermind behind Flos Angeles, Helm has taken time out to collaborate with Nekor recently. Today he has stopped by to check in on the progress, and as you can see, he is a busy man. Stay connected with FA…their new collection is will not disappoint. Helm is wearing the TWELVE tee, available here for a limited time at Tilly's.

Everyday hustlin'.

Always on the lookout.

The jig is up...he caught us.


Family Traits

Family Traits by Nekor from Nekor on Vimeo.


Looking Back

Take a look back and see what you're doing. In the blink of an eye, it will be history. How will you remember it?




The light...again

I don't want to be here. I would rather be somewhere else. I can't think...then I look up and see this light. Back to work I go.


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