Sticking Around

Jennifer Phamstar sticks up for Nekor at NOCTURNAL festival in TX! Thanks for the support, its what keeps us going.

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CRATES: The First Playlist

As promised, we have released the first of nine Nekor films that we will be unveiling in the next nine weeks.

Today we start with CRATES: The First Playlist with DJs Ronix and Xist.

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CRATES: The First Playlist from Nekor on Vimeo.

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Jennifer Phamstar rocks Nekor

Just outside of Austin,TX will be Jennifer Phamstar spinning her latest EDM set at the NOCTURNAL pre-party at Lake Bryant. Here she shows us how she will be rockin the Nekor CityPlanning Tee and representing us tonight. If you're in TX, drive on out and catch her set! Follow her @thephamstar on twitter and on Facebook here.

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Nekor Presents DAMstep Volume 1

Nekor proudly presents the first volume of the DAMstep mixes featuring tracks from SKUZZY and Mr.PINQUE of  D.A.M mixed by DJ Ronix. Be sure to follow these guys because this is the first of many things to come. Check out D.A.M here on SoundCloud & Ronix here on Facebook, also follow them on Twitter @Dubassmusic @JacobFleming AKA SKUZZY @Mr.PINQUE and @Deejay_Ronix

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Check out this mix below and download...


DAMstep Vol. 1 (Mixed by DJ Ronix) by D.A.M. DUBSTEP

Nekor Icon Stickers

Just received our first shipment of Nekor Icon stickers. Our new Icon sticker with printed backside will be making its way into the world now...

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Nekor @ Merch Method

We are excited to announce that Nekor is now being sold at and the release of our newest shirt TYPESETTER.

Check out our store here.

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Kiss and Say Goodbye

Let's just kiss and say goodbye. Listen to the track and enjoy. Be sure to check out @Dubassmusic with @MrPINQUE and @JacobFleming.

Nice Won! by D.A.M. DUBSTEP

The Little Things That Matter

It's the little things in life that yield the biggest rewards...Thanks to Tyler Raymer aka MrPINQUE of Dubass Music. Be sure to follow @MrPINQUE, @JacobFleming and @DubassMusic on twitter.

Don't mess with Texas!


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Restoring the Relics

North Hollywood, CA


To quote Henry Adams, "History is the most aristocratic of all literary pursuits, because it obliges the historian to be rich as well as educated". If this is true, then meet the wealthy professor, Tommy Gelinas.

A collector, historian and long time dweller of the San Fernando Valley, Tommy has spent the majority of his life finding, buying, researching and sharing all things related to this suburb of Los Angeles. He has taken this collection to the public with Valley Relics, a museum and vault of his private collection of antiques and collectibles from the 1800's to present.

Why would any one man take on this feat? Well spending a few moment with Tommy, you get to understand that without knowing where you're from, you're doomed to be lost forever. Without tales from our past, we would never have any history to share with our future. Tommy, has allowed those who may have forgotten their childhood to revive memories of growing up or just times from the past, that we'll never be able to get back, or be taken away from us.

It is a true labor of love and we are thankful that he is able to share this with us. Look out for our feature on Tommy and Valley Relics as part of the Nekor 9/9 films to be released in September.


Check out the site and the Valley Relics Facebook page here. Tommy has also released a collection of new t-shirts of iconic SF Valley spots here at

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Just finished one of nine Nekor short features that we will be releasing near the end of September...CRATES: The First Playlist with Ronix and Xist.

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A little sneak peek at the latest Nekor tee to be released this week. An iconic formation forged from all that makes up Nekor. Parallels and intersections that guide us through the controlled and chaotic life. This is the world, told typographically with paint and pen, through weathered eyes.

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No more details...for now...

Creature Comfort

Los Angeles,CA
To know this man is to know pain and sacrifice. A man who has spent half his life dedicated to his craft, he is Brian Steele. Aptly nicknamed, CreatureBoy©, his work can be seen in recent movies like Hellboy I as Sammael, Hellboy II as Wink, The Underworld Trilogy as William and Lycan, Terminator Salvation as the T-600, and most recently in PREDATORS as the Berserker and Falconer Predators. A Creature Performer, Brian has trained enough to last 2 lifetimes and sacrificed more than the ancient Greeks. Well aquinted with Controlled Chaos, he finds that in the madness and insanity of these motion pictures, lies a conscience of control, and without it none of this would be possible. Look out for our feature with Brian CreatureBoy© Steele in September. Find out more on Brian here at
Here, Brian is wearing the Nekor Fauxtocopy tee. Available here at Tillys.
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The man IS the monster.
You can't replicate this on a computer.
Letting Loose.
Pulled and prodded in and out of 100lb suits, Brian is used to the pain.
At the end of the day, he's just a funny motherf@#ker.
© Nekor 2010


When great minds get together to allow others the ability to express themselves, we get something like this...


Still Counting Stars

Whenever we're down and nothing goes our way, we have nothing left but to look up. Getting to the stars might be the goal, but the journey to them is what we take from the world when we leave.


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